Welcome to the Lab Boutique! Wishing you a brilliant day!
Welcome to the Lab Boutique! Wishing you a brilliant day!
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Heirloom Connections

Our new service Heirloom Connections is created exclusively for our appraisal clients as a means to connect them with new potential owners for their jewellery pieces. With our online community we aim assist local families in finding new homes for their jewellery.  It is important to note we are not selling the jewellery we are simply making the connections to interested buyers like yourself who appreciate vintage and antique jewellery. If you see a piece that you love please reach out and I will connect you with the owner to discuss in more detail. 

How do pieces qualify for this service?

We are really going for an Heirloom feel. Vintage and antique jewellery pieces of very good condition and unique in design will qualify for the service. All pieces have recent appraisals on file in our system. 

How does it work?

Our clients pay a one time fee per item listed. The fee includes photography and video that will be used to showcase the piece during a two month period on our social media platforms and listing on our website. You may have been drawn to this page after seeing an item featured on our Instagram reel! That's the goal! We want to connect our clients with amazing people like you who may be the new destined owner of one of these special featured pieces. We do NOT take commission for the sale of the piece. We do not handle any of the financial transactions. Our clients decide on their own selling price! 

See something you love? Send an email to heirloom@stjewelleryappraisal.com and we will make the connection for you!